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Why Join the IBEW?

The number one thing that becoming part of a union does for anyone who works for another is give them collective bargaining strength. This strength gives workers protection against the arbitrary power of employers and creates a “level playing field” between workers and employers. The result of this is mutual negotiations that enable both sides to find a middle ground where an amicable agreement can be reached. The workers who make up any particular union want their employer to be competitive and profitable. That’s to everyone’s advantage. At the same time, these workers know that by being part of a union, their employers will have to share that success by paying them more money and bigger and better benefits. The old adage is as true as ever, “In unity, there is strength.”

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 271 has a place for most everyone. You can be a part of any of these programs:

Journeyman Electrician

Those who can document at least five years of commercial/industrial electrical construction experience, have a Kansas Electrical Journeyman’s license and have good overall skill and knowledge.

Apprentice Electrician

For those who are a multi-year helper or are new to the electrical trade, this program provides you with good pay and benefits while you get the classroom and on-the-job training needed to become a highly skilled, highly paid Journeyman Electrician.

Construction Wireman / Construction Electrician

For those who don’t fit the apprenticeship mold, the Construction Wireman/ Construction Electrician program gives you the opportunity to progress to the Journeyman level at your own rate in a slower, less structured environment. This program is divided into seven different levels, and as you advance through each level, your pay and benefits increase. The Construction Wireman classification consists of three levels based on hours of experience in the electrical trade. The Construction Electrician classification consists of four levels based on hours of experience and skills testing. Any documented hours of experience you have in the electrical trade may be used toward advancement.

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